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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Best Tips For Google adsense approval - Blogger SEO

Are you a blogger? Are you looking for an AdSense? Is your account not approved yet? Is your answer yes, this topic is for you? If you have a website or blog and you want to earn with Google AdSense approval. Use these best Tips & Tricks who will get you fast approval. No need of traffic for approval. If You want to earn with your website. It has monthly high traffic. Because only approval does not give you revenue. You will earn only when high traffic comes to your website. Impressions and clicks are high when visitors visit your website. The more clicks and impressions, the more earnings will be. If your site will be approved by Google Adsense but you have no traffic, there is no earning.

Minimum Requirements for earning: - There are no Minimum requirements.
If you want that your website generates revenue, have high traffic. You will earn only when high traffic comes to your website. Impressions and clicks are high when visitors visit your website. The more clicks and impressions, the more earnings will be. because ad networks pay only when anyone clicks or watch their ads. if no clicks and views there is no earning.

Minimum Requirments for Google Adsense :

  • Which domains are acceptable in Google Adsense: This ad network accept only custom domains Like .in, .tk, .com, .org etc. It doesn't accept or any other free subdomain. Here only top-level domains are accepted.
  •  A website has quality content: Content has your own idea and self-written. So, Visitors comes again and again. This content is not copied from other sites. If you copy content from other sites it will be called a copyright content and Google does not give approval of this type of content.
  •  Minimum Monthly Visitors: 100 – 1k. Also, make sure it is not boat traffic (Like using a software and other these type of sources). Traffic from another website source Like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are accepted. If you are using a software to increase your website traffic it is called a boat traffic or insufficient traffic and not accepted by Google and your request for approval is denied.
  •  These Themes are not acceptable: Pornography, Hacking, pirated software selling etc. If your website is about pornography and hacking is rejected if you are applying.
  • Not a photo gallery and video website: If your site is a photo gallery it does not accept But if it is a video site you can use google youtube partner program here your video site is approved but conditions are same not pornographic videos.
  • At least 10 –14 posts: Your website has good looking and minimum 3 – 4 posts then you can apply for this ad networks. Also, it is most important that each post minimum 700 – 1000 words. This is because every post has sufficient information for the user. It is not only for earning purpose.
  • The website has some important information about the author: Your website has some page in which information about the author. These pages are About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, DMCA, Disclaimer. These pages have in any one of the website top menu or main menu or bottom menu.
    About Us: This held information about you that who is and what are you doing and what is the topics of this website explain in details.
    Contact Us: This page held information about that how a user contact you if he has any query about your a particular post and site. In this page has your email Id and contact number but you using a 'contact form' is better for blogger SEO.
     Privacy Policy: In this page tell users about their privacy that how we collect information about them.Which type of information is collected from users. How to use this information and in which purpose it is used by the website. In this page also write about that whether your site uses cookies or not
     DMCA: Digital Millenium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA) in this you told that by chance a                 copyright material is found in your website and copyright holder claimed that it is copyrighted by him. How you can handle and how to remove it. Also, You must also tell you how you will know that the copyright holder is right or wrong.
     Disclaimer: In this page, you told that What to do if I want you to put off sure copyrighted remarks from your website.

  • Also, Make sure that your website is Complete: If you request a website for approval of Google Adsense, then you have to be sure that there is no work left on your website.
  • Also, make sure that Menus are complete: Tabs in the menu are complete that each tab in each menu has at least one post. If any tab leaves blank or no post in it, Adsense says that it is incomplete and will be rejected.  
  • Also, submit your website sitemap to google webmaster tool and also submit your site to google analytics. By doing this, it is easy to verify and collect information about your site content by Google's crawlers.          
If your website or blog fulfill these requirements then apply to this networks. You will be approved fast. If you have any query or suggestion feel free to contact us via the contact form or email. We respond soon. 

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