Lear about history, discoveries and 30 Interesting facts about Albert Einstein. Also know some fun facts about Einstein and  how Albert Einstein died
Who did not know the name of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein, the world's greatest and the brightest scientist of his time, was born on 14 March 1879 in Germany. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. He gave such principles, which turned the science world over. You all will know a lot about Albert Einstein, but we will talk about some interesting and amazing stories related to him, which you will hardly hear. So let's know the some special things related to Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein Facts :

  1. We all know that Albert Einstein born on 14 March 1879 in Germany. Did you know that Albert Einstein's birthday is also celebrated as the 'Genius Day'.
  2. Albert Einstein was born into a Jewish family in the city of Elm, Germany. His parents had earlier named him 'Abraham' on the name of his grandfather. This name was very much like the Jewish, then they named him 'Albert'.
  3. We all know that Albert Einstein's brain was very sharp, but do you know that in his childhood his brain was much bigger than normal children's brain. When his family saw this for the first time, they was stunned. However, with increasing age, Albert's mind also started getting into the right shape. $ads={1}
  4. In Einstein's brain, there were more cells than an average human being. That's why he was so intelligent. After Einstein's death, his mind was taken out without his family's permission. This immoral act Was done by Thomas Harvey to research his mind. In 1975, under the permission of his son Hans, he sent 240 samples of his brain to many scientists, after seeing that they found that his brain had more cells than the common man.
  5. Albert Einstein has an interesting story related to education. Once he gave a letter to his mother and said, "Mother teacher has said you to give this letter. As soon as his mother read the letter, he started smiling. Seeing the mother smiling, Einstein asked the reason, at which she said lovingly, here is written that your son is the very intelligent in the class. We do not have teachers who can teach your child. Therefore, you should have to send him in another school. Einstein became very happy to hear this and started studying with complete passion. He grew up and became a great scientist. When his mother passed away. So one day Einstein opened his mother's wardrobe and found that there was the same letter written by his teacher, which he had ever asked to give that little child to his mother. Einstein opened the letter and started reading, writing in it that we are very sorry to tell you that your son is very weak in education. The way its age is increasing, its intelligence is not developing in that way. So we are removing it from school. You should get its admission in another school. Otherwise teach him at home. 
  6. Galileo Galilee was his favorite scientist. Interestingly, Galileo died the same year Isaac Newton was born and Maxwell died in the year Einstein was born.
  7. Do you know that Albert was not able to speak properly until the age of four. Then one day while eating food, he suddenly said, the soup is very hot. On this, when the parents asked Surprisingly, "Why have you not speak anything till now"? Then he answered very easily, because before today I had no problem in this house.
  8. Einstein used to remember big things, but did you know that he often forgot small things. They often forgot dates, phone numbers and names.
  9. Once Albert Einstein was traveling on a train. A ticket checker came to him, he put his hand in his pocket to show his ticket there was no ticket. When he did not get the ticket in his pocket, he checked his suitcase and there was no ticket. Then he started searching for the ticket around his seat. Seeing this, the ticket checker told Albert Einstein that, if your ticket is lost, no problem, I recognize you well, I am sure that you must have bought the ticket. When TC was going back by checking the tickets for the rest of the people, he noticed that Albert Einstein was still looking for his ticket under his seat. TC again said that you do not have to bother about tickets, you will not be asked for tickets. After hearing this, Albert Einstein said, "That is fine, but without tickets, how do I know where I am going?
  10. Once a colleague of Einstein asked him his telephone number, then Einstein started looking for his telephone number in the diary kept with him. The colleague said with surprise, you do not even remember your own telephone number. Albert Einstein said, why should I remember anything that I can find in the book.
  11. Albert Einstein was not interested in anything other than science. It is said that in 1952, he got an offer to become the President of Israel, but he refused, saying that he is made not for politics but for science.
  12. Albert Einstein has a long list of stories of love. Despite his second wife Elsa, he had relationships with 6 other women. Twenty years after his death, his step daughter published 1500 letters in which about 6 of his love affairs were revealed.
  13. The University of Technology California  invited Alberta Einstein to a gathering. Einstein went with his wife. They also saw space laboratory based on Mount Wilson. Here was the largest telescope of that time. On seeing such a large telescope, Mrs. Einstein asked the attendant of laboratory that what you see with such a large telescope. The laboratory attendant said that, by this we know the secrets of the universe. Mrs Einstein said on this. It is very strange. My husband would have done all this on the envelope of mails he received.
  14. The time machine was also first conceived by Einstein and he had also done many researches on this subject.
  15. Albert Einstein suffered from a mental disease 'Psychiatric Disorder' all his life, due to which he used to repeat everything two to three times. He preferred to remember things as pictures rather than text. He used to say that he does not remember anything that can be found in 2 minutes. $ads={2}
  16. Albert Einstein say that his brain was his laboratory and the fountain pen his instrument. When people asked Einstein about his laboratory, he only smiled by pointing to his head. One day a scientist asked him about his favorite device, Einstein said that my fountain pen is my faorite instrument.
  17. Everyone knows that Albert Einstein's discoveries are world famous, but he gained the most fame when he discovered the most famous discovery theory of relativism, that is, E = mc2. But the atom bomb was invented using  this formula. The bomb dropped in Japan was based on this formula, which later made Einstein very sad that the formula given by him could be used to destroy the whole of humanity. Albert Einstein was against this wrong experiment throughout his life.
  18. Einstein received the Nobel Prize not for his theory of relativity but for the photoelectric effect.
  19. Albert Einstein could write with both hands. However, he mostly preferred to write with the right hand.
  20. Albert Einstein always gave his autograph to keep people motivated, he donated his earnings to charity. He used to charge $ 5 for his signature and $ 1000 for a speech and later donated these money to charity.
  21. There are many stories about his memory. One of them is when Einstein was working at Princeton University, one day he forgot his home address while returning home from the university. Although most people in Princeton knew Einstein, the taxi driver he was sitting in did not recognize him.Einstein told the driver, do you know Einstein's address? So the driver replied who would not know his address in Princeton. If you want to meet them, I can take you to their home. Then he told the driver that he was Albert Einstein, and forgot his home address. After Knowing this, the taxi driver drop Einstein to his  house and despite Einstein's repeated requests, he did not take the taxi fare.
  22. He was more interested in physics than mathematics, so he became a scientist rather than a mathematician. His interest in science can be gauged from the fact that he had mastered in difficult things like Differential & Integral Calculus even before he turned 15 years old.
  23. When he was 17 years old, he failed in all subjects except mathematics and science in the college entrance exam.
  24. Einstein did not like to comb his hair, so he would never comb his hair. But today his un-combed hairstyle is famous as the Genius Hair Style.
  25. Albert Einstein remained a citizen of 3 countries of the world. He was a citizen of Germany from 1879 to 1901, Switzerland from 1901 to 1932 and a US citizen from 1932 to 1955.
  26. In the last days of his life, Albert was working on UNIFIED THEORY expressing the whole universe together, but due to his demise this theory could not be further worked out.
  27. Einstein said something in German to the nurse in his room in his last moments before he died, but the nurse did not know German, so Einstein's last words were buried like a secret.
  28. In 1999, the American Magazine Times named Albert Einstein the title of the greatest man of the century i.e. 20th century.
  29. Albert Einstein's brain weight was 1230 grams, which was less than the average person's brain weight (1400 Gram), but the number of neurons in his brain was much higher.
  30. The IQ level of his mind was 160,  although an average human mind has near about 120.

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