Top 30 Amazing Facts About France
Every country has its own separate laws. There are different history and amazing facts. It is one of the oldest nations in world and national anthem is 'La Marseillaise'.  The history of a country is not formed in a single day. So Here we will talk about population of France, capital of France and French speaking countries. And read interesting facts about France and Paris Eiffel tower. It is an European country. Paris is the capital of France and a largest city of country. Let's know everything about it which are probably you don't know.

Top 30 Amazing Facts About France

1. France become a republic in 1792 as a result of the French revolution. French revolution was period of time when people overthrew the monarchy and took control of the government.$ads={1}
2. A Cook's assistant who defend the queen was fried in butter and burn alive during revolution.
3. Head of the present king Louis XIV is cut off by the people and their handkerchief is dipped in his blood during revolution. This handkerchief found after 200 years which is hidden in a dried squash.
4. According to area, It is largest in Europe and 50th largest country in the world.
5. The population of France in year 2019 is about 6.7 crores. So that it hold 20th position in the world for population. the period of this revolution is 14th July, 1789 to 1799.
6. Cause of Revolution:  There were many reasons but talk about some major. i) Before it start France was facing a financial crisis because France involve in a series of expensive war and drastic weather and poor harvesting in crease the prices. ii) On July 20, 1789 is known s Tennis court oath day. People say that they had not separate until given to France a constitution. iii) Third one is that royal family unsuccessful attempt to flee from France etc. 
7. It  is one of the popular country because every year millions of tourists are come there.
8. In the France 12 time zones are used because it is colonized in 12 colonies. Each colony have its different time zone. which is in Europe have only one time zone. These are Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, French Guyana, Reunion och New Caledonia.
9. Famous inventions which change the world like Hot air balloon, stethoscope, pasteurizer and parachute are invented here.
10. Louis XIX was become the king for very shot time which is 20 minutes.
11. In France, you can merry with a dead person but you need to prove that there were already a plan on getting married. and Also send a formal request to president.
12. It is a 17th country that consider male impotence as a crime.
13. Paris is the capital of France it was founded in 3rd century BC by Celtic people called Parisii, who gave the city it's name. In 12th century it was the largest city in the western world and become a trading hub. It is also called 'City of Light'.
14. Paris was fifth most expensive city in the world for luxury housing. Rate of per square meter is €184499.
15. The first public zoo was created in Paris in France during the revolution in 1793 and cover 6.5 hectare in area. the name of zoo is 'Jardin des Plantes'.
16. Eiffel Tower is one of the world tallest man made structures. It was complete on March 31, 1889. 
17. It is 324 meters tall (including antennas) and 10,100 tonnes in weight.
18. If you want to climb the top of this tower there are 1665 steps So, most of people take  lifts. These lifts travel a combined distance about 103,000 km in a year, which is two and a half times of circumference of the earth.
19. During Cold weather the tower shrinks by about six inches.$ads={2}
20. Since it's opening about more than 250 million people have visited the tower.
21. After every six years the tower is repainted which require 60 tonnes of paint.
22. The construction of Eiffel tower took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days.
23. The official language of France is french but it is fact that 94% French children know English  as their secondary language.
24. Everyone know that 1st April is known as Fool’s Day. It was also originated in France after the nation started following the Gregorian Calendar but failed to communicate the change properly.
25. The Status of Liberty in New York City in USA is gift by the people of France.
26. Mont-banc in French alps is highest peak of Europe. It is about 4810 meters high.
27. It is illegal to kiss on railway station.
28. Face covering clothing is called burka is ban or illegal in France. The law has been passed against burka.
29. The official name of France is The French Republic and motto is that ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’.
30. French is the official language over 24 countries in the world.

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