Types of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Stages
Know about types of breast cancer and breast cancer Stages. Also learn about inflammatory breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer and Breast cancer screening.

Women experience breast changes throughout their lives. Being aware of these changes and learning how women's breasts feel at different times can help women understand breast disease. If women are familiar with their breast changes, then they can feel the signs of breast disease, taking into account any abnormal changes.

Breast disease can be caused by any age, change in hormone level, or any medication. Breast diseases are cancer free (mild) or cancer related (fatal). Most breast diseases are cancer free, due to which there is no life risk and does not require treatment. But breast cancer means loss of breast or life. For this reason, breast cancer in women is the biggest threat to their lives. $ads={1}

Breast diseases can be classified with either reproductive system disorders, or reproductive disorders. There are many types of breast diseases, they cause a knot on the chest with or without infection. Some breast diseases are mild, which are harmless. And some deadly, meaning they can spread. The most common are breast diseases such as mastitis (bacterial infection), cysts, mild lumps and cancer. Early detection of breast disease is necessary.

What Is Breast Cancer

In today's era, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women. Breast cancer screening is possible through self-examination. There are many symptoms of breast cancer that can be treated in the initial days of investigation.

Types of breast cancer

  1. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer is a type which occur more likely. 80 per breast cancer in women is caused by invasive ductal carcinoma. This type of cancer spreads through the duct wall to the fat portion of the breast. This type of breast cancer develops in milk ducts.
  2. Inflammatory Breast Cancer is rare. This type of breast cancer is very difficult to treat. It spreads very fast in the body. Thereby women are at highest risk of death. Inflammatory breast cancer is less than 1 percent chance to occur.
  3. Paget's Breast Cancer begins around the nipple. Due to which the area around the nipple starts to turn black. Paget's disease occurs to women who have breast-related problems. In these problems, its symptoms to have etching in the nipple, pain in the breast, infection etc. This breast cancer is less than 5 percent.
  4. Apart from these breast cancers found in women, there are many other types of breast cancers like tubular carcinoma, medullary carcinoma, mucus carcinoma, lobular carcinoma.

Breast Cancer Stages

  • Stage 1 breast cancer : In this stage of cancer, the cancer made in the milk duct or tissue that is limited to it and does not reach any other part of the body, even the rest of the breast.
  • Stage 2 breast cancer : In this stage  the tissue begins to expand and affects healthy tissue. It may extend to the fatty tissue of the breast and some of the breast tissue may also reach the nearest lymph node. $ads={2}
  • Stage 3 breast cancer : Cancer of this stage spreads to other parts of breast. It may also be that it has spread to other parts of body.
  • Stage 4 breast cancer : In this stage , the cancer may have spread to bones or other organs. In addition, 9 to 10 lymph nodes under the arms and a small part of it may have spread to the collar bone. For this reason, there is difficulty in its treatment.
  • Stage 5 breast cancer : In stage 4 of breast cancer, cancer has spread to liver, lung, bone and brain.

Causes of breast cancer

It is a little difficult to tell how breast cancer occurs. Sometimes cancer can also be genetic. There are other things that can increase your risk of getting breast cancer. There are many more reasons for risk, such as gender, total offspring, and age. Anything else, like drinking alcohol, not exercising, obesity. It is very important to know about anatomy to know about breast cancer.

 Breast is an important part of the body. The main function of the breast is to make breast milk through its milk producing tissues. These tissues are attached to the nipple through the ducts.Apart from this, there are some other tissues around them, fibrous material, fat, pulse, blood vessels and some lymphatic channels, which complete the structure of the breast.

It is important to know here that in most breast cancer duct small calcification s (hard particles) are formed or in the form of small lumps in breast tissue (Lump in Breast) and then grow into cancer. It can spread to other organs via the lymphatic channel or blood flow.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Symptoms related to breast cancer are common. Due to these symptoms, more than 15 million women go to the doctor every year for examination. These symptoms include:
  • Breast pain.
  • Knot: which feels different from other breast tissue.
  • The swelling that does not go away.
  • The skin feels wet around the nipple.
  • Sickness, redness, thickness, or pressure in breast skin.
  • Changes in breast size.
  • Changes in nipple, like being pulled inside.
  • The knot that is felt around the skin or chest.

Breast cancer screening

Breast abnormalities can be detected by the following tests:
  1. Cancer Screening
  2. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  3. Mammography
  4. Ultrasonography
  5. Biopsy

Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer is considered a disease of women only, but very few people will know that men can also get breast cancer. Matthew Knowles, father of Hollywood singer Beyoncé, has also revealed that he is suffering from breast cancer. According to the website 'BBC dot Co dot UK', Matthew has told about his illness in the coming week of the TV show 'What Morning America'.

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

  • Lump on chest
  • Nipple inside
  • Nipple discharge
  • Pimples wound

Interesting facts and myths about breast cancer

1. 1 in 8 women in USA develop breast cancer.

2. If my family or no one in my family has had breast cancer, I cannot. Most of the breast cancer patients do not have this disease in any other family.

3. If you eat a nutritious diet, do not drink alcohol, exercise and keep weight balanced, then you do not have to be afraid of breast cancer. All these facts reduce the risk of breast cancer but do not completely eliminate the risk.

4. Deodorant applied to the underarm (armpit or armpits) increases the risk of breast cancer. No association of breast cancer with deodorant has been seen.

5. Having a mobile phone inside the bra increases the risk of breast cancer. No correlation has been found between mobile phones and breast-cancer. However, the effects of health on mobile phones are still being investigated.

6. Breast cancer can be caught in early stage by getting mammogram every year. Mammogram is suitable for early screening of breast cancer, but it is not certain that with its help, breast cancer will be identified in the initial stage.

7. Breast cancer always produces a knot in the breast. It is not necessary that a knot is always felt in breast cancer, especially in early-stage breast cancer.

8. Excessive sweet intake increases the risk of breast cancer. There is no scientific evidence that suggests that excessive consumption of sweets causes breast cancer.

9. Breast cancer is seen only in middle-aged and elderly women. Breast cancer is also seen in younger women and men.

10. Every type of breast cancer is treated in the same way. Treatment is decided according to the stage of the cancer and the condition of the patient.

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