Top 21+ High Pr Backlinks Sites List Off Page SEO techniques

How to drive traffic to your website. Also learn off page seo optimization, on page seo services.Get High Pr Backlinks Sites List for Off Page SEO techniques.

When we create a blog, the biggest question bothers us is how traffic will come to our blog. The page views on the blog are low. Whenever you write a post, you know how hard we have to work for that post, but even after doing so, when we see that no traffic to our blog, we are very disturbed. Not only this, sometimes it seems that there is nothing in blogging, we do something better and we start moving away from blogging. We tend to do less work on the blog.$ads={1}

How to increase visitors on website? there are many ways to increase treffic of blog. But most important ans essential method is to create backlinks. Every one know about backlinks and there benefits But no one know that where to create them. How much create in one day. What are essential things to create it. If you are a blogger or have a website than you know the importance of them. If you don't know that are backlinks and how do they work click here

What are Backlinks

It is the essential part of seo services. Types of seo technique are two a)on page seo and b) off page seo. Backlinks are considered as off page seo technique which are two type given below .

1. Do Follow backlinks

2. No follow backlinks

In this article we talk about only dofollow backlinks. their benifits, importance and what is impact on website ranking.

 What are do follow backlinks?

It helps in passing link, which allows to go from one website to another, it is called a do-follow backlink. By default all the links that you give to other website or blog post are all do-follow backlinks.

DoFollow links help a lot in increasing the website ranking  in the search engine optimization and it can prove to be very beneficial for your blog.
How to check it is dofollow or no follow

There are two methods

  • By Manual Inspection
Right click on your backlink and select inspect. Now you will see a html code window in highlighted code with your link. here you will inspect "rel=nofollow" attribute if this attribute is given in the link code it is nofollow otherwise its a dofollow link.


Nofollow link:
       <a href="" rel="nofollow" class="url>your name</a> 

Dofollow link: 
                        <a href="" class="url>your name</a>  

How to drive traffic to your website

Increase traffic to my website is big problem for new Blogger. There is a huge challenge and he thinks to solve it technically. If we do the work we do on the site technically, then the traffic of our blog can increase.
By the way, to drive traffic to your website, we can try many options for example

  • Web page design : good looking design is attract visitors again and again but only design is does't matter.
  • Share the post on social media
  • Writing high quality article:  It is most powerful method without off page seo (search engine optimization) services to increase site ranking.
  • Do not copy the article even
  • Writing SEO friendly posts
  • Keyword Research
  • Commenting on another blog
  • Creating Backlinks It is the most popular, powerful and efficient way to increase traffic and google website ranking. 

   What are the things to keep in mind while create backlinks.

  • Create google account: This because when you create a dofollow backlink have to register on the website so don't user your personal email it can also be harmful.
  • Never use paid dofollow backlinks.$ads={2}
  • Also Never use paid or free auto backlink generator tools.
  • Never create so many backlinks in one day.
  • Check Domain authority, Page authority and spam score the website on which you want to create backlink.

How to create dofollow backlinks?

These are given methods are used to create backlinks

1. By commenting: When you comment on a blog post give your web page URL with comment. By default every comment is a nofollow backlink but some websites give dofollow backlink in comments.

2. By Profile creation : follow below steps.
  • Goto below given links and create account with gmail (newly create google account Never use your personal email). 
  • Now activate and login to account on these websites.  
  • Now click on your profile icon and edit profile. here give website URL
  • click on update profile. Your website dofollow backlink is created.
3. Create bookmarks of your URL: first create profile like above method

How to check backlinks of my website?

Here we give you some other website links that will show you how many backlinks you created for website. how many dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Aslo search in google "backlink checker tool free" there are many site which is for you. But according to me best and trusted websites and dofollow link checker are are given below.

1. websiteseochecker : paste URL of your web page

2. Moz (First create free account then check)

High pr backlinks sites list to Increase DoFollow  Backlinks

Create  Backlink By Profile creation

High pr backlinks sites list for bookmarks

 Create dofollow backlinks by commenting

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