Top 20 Interesting Facts About Sleep

Everyone sleeps from when they are born. But maybe no one knows why we sleeps? Today, learn 20 interesting facts about sleep, insomnia and sleep apnea. Know about world sleep day and some creepy facts about sleep. Also know importance of sleep. So let's begin fun facts about sleep.

Interesting facts about sleep :

1. Human sleeps about one-third of his lifetime, i.e. for 25 years. $ads={1}

2. Sleep facts for kids: As long as the child is 2 years old, his parents sleep 1055 hours less than average due to him. new born baby brain use more glucose than adults so they sleep more because they use only milk as food which contain lot of glucose.

3. While sleeping, if your mind feels that you are not in danger, then it filters out those voices that can wake you up. 

4. 12% of peoples dreams are absolutely black and white.

5. A giraffe best needs 1.9 hours of sleep a day, while a brown bat needs 19.9 hours a day.

6. A cat spent two-thirds of his lifespan in sleeping. when you woke up before alarm, its called ''Circadian Rhythm''.

7. Many times when we are trying to sleep, the tick-tick of the clock also bothers too much. It is one of insomnia facts.

8. Often we feel more tired at 2:00 pm and at 2:00 am at night.

9. Often those who sleep less, the levels of their hormones fall quickly.

10. The most recited of the waking up to the most time was made by Randy Gardner of 1764 in 1764.

11. If you have woken up from a dream and want to see that dream, then you should quickly go to sleep and become asleep immediately. This approach is not successful every time, but it is certain that you will surely have a good dream.

12. You might be surprised to know that 15% of people have the problem of walking in sleep and 5% of people have the problem of talking in sleep.

13. Mahatma Gandhi used to sleep and wake up according to his wishes. It took them only 5 minutes to go to deep sleep.

14. Your body is weakest between 3:00 and 4:00 am in the morning. This is the reason that most sleep deaths occur at this time.

15. Sometimes we start to chew our teeth in sleep. It's called Bruxism.

16. The 1998 experiment showed that the light behind the knee gets reset to the sleeping consciousness and consciousness of the brain.

17. It is impossible to sneeze while sleeping.

18. We can remain alive for 2 months without eating but can stay alive for 11 days without sleeping.

19. While working in Japan, sleeping is considered to be tired due to hard work.

20. Dysania is the condition when it seems difficult to get up from a well-lit bed.

21. The horse sleeps after standing and the rabbit sleeps by opening his eyes.

22. In 1849, David Atchison became the US President for a day and spent most of his time at bedtime.

23. 8% of American people sleep bare.

24. At sleeping, while breathing off our weight decreases to 1 pond i.e., 450 g.

25. When the whole moon looks, then the person sleeps less, for this, you can blame the environment.

26. Those who do not dreams, they have a disease named personality disorder.

27. Even when the dolphins and whales are sleeping, half of their brains are awake, to remind them of when to get to the surface to take the air.

28. If you have not slept fully, you will eat more because of the lack of laptopin in your body.

29. If you keep awake for 16 hours then your mind starts to feel like it is 0.5% alcohol in your throat.

30. Sleep Apnea facts:  It is a disease, which causes respiration during sleep stop. And then the man is afraid of sleep.

31. If you sleep less than 7 hours in the night, the chances of getting wounds are 3 times more likely.

32. Sleep importance facts: If you sleep more, then efficiency of your brain increases. $ads={2}

33. Interesting insomnia Facts: It is sleep disorder which is mostly conman in half of adults. Acute insomnia and Cronic insomnia are types of insomnia. 10% of people have cronic insomnia. More likely occur in women than men.

34. World sleep day is calibrated on 12 march.

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