What Is Seo Services In Google Blogger
Know what is seo services in google blogger like on page seo optimization, site optimization and off page seo. How to rank in google search engine optimization.

Today, everyone wants to sell their product and service on the Internet and search engine optimization services is the way to get the website to the first page of search engine. Visitors mostly visit the website that comes on the first page and to come here, you have to do it of your website. It works like a road map for search engines.

What is SEO

What is seo services in blogger and how important it is for every website, this question bothers everyone. It is the way through which any website can be brought to the first page of search engines. If you have complete information about Seo services, then you can easily do it for your website and if not, then read this It  is a method by which we can increase the organic ranking and traffic of our website. For this, we have to use some seo techniques. $ads={1}

Before learn about search engine optimization techniques some basic terms are given below:

What is Search Engine?

It is a software, Which is used on the Internet, that used a database of information according to the user's query. which searched by the user in this software. For example Google is the best search engine. Have you ever thought that whatever you search on Google, It shows you related things. For this Google crawls, indexes the information in its data base first and then ranks it. This is the work of it, to show that it gives two ways, one for free and other with money. The free one is called google seo and paid is called PPC (Pay Par Click).

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)

Whenever a you search some keywords or questions in the search box, then the search engine shows you the website related to the keyword, it is just called Search Engine Results Pages.
There are two types of results on Search Engine Results Pages. - Free and Paid
  • Free –  These are organic results and completely free. We have to use Search Engine Optimization techniques for this.
  • Paid – You have to invest in Paid or inorganic results, as long as you have money in it, you will keep coming to the search engine and after the money is exhausted, it stops.

 Importance of  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you are new and do not have any publicity in the market and you want to earn money by selling or showing some of your goods through your website, google search engine optimization,  is the way to get your website on the top page of google search engines. If your site comes to the top page of search engine, then you can bring more and more people to your website, this will increase the traffic and popularity of your website.

Today, more than 2 billion websites are submitted in Google. Those who are from different fields, whenever someone searches on Google, then Google looks at the website related to that keyword. Due to this competition, it is not easy to come to the first page of Google.If you do SEO of your blog or website in a very good way, then your platform user experience is better, your website keeps improving according to the visitor.$ads={2}

What are the types of SEO? 

These are two types of SEO.

1. On page SEO:

It has to make many changes inside the web page or website so that it can be made according to SEO services. Some points are given below
  •  Responsive Theme - It is a template of your website which changes its size according to the display size. Today most users are coming from mobiles. There are some template of  websites that do not support mobile view, which makes it inconvenient for the user to get information from it. Google seo never ranks such websites. So always use a similar Responsive Theme for your blog or website.
  • Post Length - Post Length matters a lot for search engine optimization. If you want to do good on-Page SEO optimization of your blogger post, then always write a long post. By using this you can improve site optimization.
  • Post Title - Post title is most important in improving SEO. The title of any page tells the search engine what your page or service is about. Its length should be between 6 and 8 words  You must also be use keywords in the title of your post.
  • Permalink - It is URL of the post. It helps to improve ranking of any post. It can be modified  in many ways as per your convenience. The best permalink is That in which we use the main keyword of post. By doing this your On Page SEO quite good.
  • mage Alt Tag - When we use an image in the post. This is quite beneficial for seo if you also use alt text with the image. Without this, the use of the image in the post has no meaning. The alt text itself tells the search engine what the image is about. It is also be called a weakness of Google that it can't see images. It can only read the image.The Keyword that you want to be ranked should also be used as Alt Tag in your image.
  • Website Speed ​​- It is loading speed of you web page.It is also impact on seo optimization.  Always use fast loading speed templates. In the beginning, almost everyone's website speed is correct, but after a few days it starts having problems due to add big images, videos, plugins and some JavaScript codes are used in blog or website which decreases the speed of site.
  • Keywords - keywords which we want to be ranked should be around 2% in the post. Never use the same keyword again and again. You can use other similar keywords at least 2 to 3 times. Use keywords only when needed. Apart from this, you should use main keywords in the first paragraph  of post.
  • Internal Links - These are the links which link pages or posts of you website each other. This is another way to improve your On Page SEO. Also use at least 5 Internal Links in your post. When you share the link of one post in between other post, it will give the user more time on your blog or website.
  • Meta Description - In this, we tell the search engines that which type of  services are offering or about the content of the webpage, Also include the keywords related to the service in it and play an important role in ranking a post. 
  • Heading & Sub-Heading - Heading and Sub-Heading must be used in blog posts. Use Main Keyword in the heading of your post. Use at least 3 Sub-Heading. 
  • High Quality Content - Create  high quality content on your website, your website ranking will start increasing automatically.Write in full depth whatever topic you wrote about, So that all doubts of that user are clear.

2. Off page SEO :

  • Sitemap - Through Sitemap, we give all information of our website to search engines, which improves the organic ranking of our website. It is an .xml file of sitemap which is submitted to sear search engines console and through sitemap crawlers of search engines come to your website and  collect the information of the website seo analysis.
  • Backlinks -To bring any website or post to the top page of search engine, the link of the website has to be promoted on the Internet, this is called off page SEO and link is called a backlink. In other words, we make back links of our website to bring it to the 1st page of search engine , it has a lot of activity like - article submission, blog creation, book marking, forum, seo marketing in social media, gust posting, internet marketing etc.

Some other terms which are used in Search engine optimization:

  • White hat SEO:

When someone creates SEO and link building for their website in a natural way, it is called White hat SEO. The one who has to keep his website for a long time, he uses the same technique, this increases the traffic along with the value of the website.

  • Black hat SEO:

When someone does not follow the search engine's guidelines to get their website ranked in Google or a direct link is made, then it is called Black hat SEO. Doing this has a bad effect on the website. And after some time, Google blocks the website.

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